Radiolarians and the silicon cycle: Natalia Llopis-Monferrer’s work in the spotlight!

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has declared “Research Spotlight” the recent article by Natalia Llopis-Monferrer in “Global Biogeochemical Cycles” on the importance of radiolarians (marine planktonic organisms) in the silicon cycle of the world ocean.

This recent work re-evaluates the role of these tiny protists, which could contribute up to one-fifth of the world’s silica production by marine organisms.

Natalia Llopis-Monferer is a spanish student at LEMAR (UMR 6539). She is co-supervised by Aude Leynaert (CNRS), Fabrice Not (SBR) and Paul Tréguer (UBO).

Read the “EOS” article (Sciences News by AGU)