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The LEMAR at the One Ocean Summit


A maritime city “par excellence”, Brest will host the One Planet Summit for the Ocean next week, from 9 to 11 February 2022, at the Atelier des Capucins.

On 9th and 10th February more than thirty events, workshops, forums, meetings and initiatives will take place to mobilise the “international maritime community” around 10 themes:

  • OCEAN GOVERNANCE RESPONDING TO CHANGE / Strengthening the tools of governance of the Ocean
  • SUSTAINABLE TOURISM IN THE BLUE ECONOMY/ Blue Tourism supporting conservation
  • POLAR OCEAN/ Polar Ocean: a central role in the global climate and ocean system
  • WHAT & WHOM TO PROTECT? What to protect and for whom? Conservation and sustainable development
  • THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA IN 2030/ Environment and Development
  • THE SCIENCE WE NEED FOR THE OCEAN WE WANT/ The ocean science and research needed for marine innovation
  • OCEAN THE PROVIDER IN 2030/ Nutrition, health, marine energies
  • INVEST IN BLUE/ Blue Finance for the Ocean
  • EDUCATE TO THE SEA, OCEAN FOR YOUTH/ Global marine education and youth engagement
  • A EUROPE OF THE OCEAN/ Which Europe for the Sea?

n the morning of 11 February, President Emmanuel Macron will bring together heads of state and government, heads of multilateral institutions, business leaders and civil society decision makers to make ambitious commitments.

Several LEMAR members will be mobilised for the event:

The city of Brest is honouring 18 portraits of men and women members of the World Sea Campus, from the social networks @BrestLife. Among them are Géraldine Sarthou (director of the laboratory) and Laurent Chauvaud (CNRS research director).

Paul Tréguer will be moderating the Polar Oceans Workshop on Wednesday 9 February from 14:00 to 15:30. Co-chairs: Jérôme Chappelaz (IPEV) and Antje Boetius (AWI)

Marianna Cavallo, Jose Luis Garcia Corona, Natalia Llopis-Monferrer and Maria Lopez-Acosta are part of an advisory group of young researchers who will submit their recommendations on each of the topics discussed at the summit.

Round tables and interviews will take place at 70.8. Ika Paul-Pont will take part in a round table on Thursday morning at 10am on pollution prevention, with Christophe Maes from LOPS and Stéphane Le Floch from Cedre. Elodie Fleury will speak a little later, at 1 pm, with Bertrand Thollas and Philippe Potin, about oysters and their future in the context of climate change (growth, mortality, reproduction).

Throughout the summit, Océanopolis is organising the One Ocean Summit village in its event pavilion. This free “OFF” event, aimed at the general public, aims to decipher and present to as many people as possible the issues at stake during these three days. On Wednesday and Thursday, from 16:00 to 18:00, a thematic stand on algae within the framework of the theme ” Which nourishing sea in 2030 ” will be proposed by Valérie Stiger and Eric Deslandes.On Friday, Ika Paul-Pont will run a stand on plastic pollution and Brivaela Moriceau will present what is at stakes in the poles.

Every evening, from 7th to 10th February, from 6pm to 7pm, the UBO, in partnership with Radio U, will decipher the news of the summit. Students and researchers from the UBO, as well as their guests, will decipher the themes of the One Ocean Summit live and in the presence of the public. Marie Vagner will speak about resources in the ocean, from a nutritional/health perspective.