Stable Isotopes Platform | IRMS

The Stable Isotope Platform is located at the European University Institute of the Sea. It is a platform of the Pôle Spectrométrie Océan (PSO) supported by the UBO, CNRS, Ifremer and IRD, which is part of the INSU-CNRS RéGEF National Network. The main objectives of the platform are to support the research of PSO member laboratories through their numerous projects, to carry out analyses for the IUEM observatory and to participate in the training of students. Involvement in the LabexMER and ISblue projects is also notable. The platform also provides services for academic collaborators or private partners, please contact them for more information. The platform is currently equipped with 3 IRMS gas spectrometers, each of which is coupled to several sample preparation/introduction systems.
More information on the Stable Isotopes platform on the IUEM website


The permanent LEMAR staff involved are Rudolph CORVAISIER (80%, CNRS, platform manager), and Jean-Marie MUNARON (50%, IRD). This team is completed by UMS IUEM staff with Oanez LEBEAU (100%, IE UBO, fixed-term contract on revenue) and Fabien DEWILDE (100%, IE CNRS) who joined the platform at the end of 2018. On the other hand, doctoral students, post-docs and trainees can become users of the platform when the analysis of this type of parameter is an important part of their work. They are then trained to use the equipment in order to become autonomous in the analysis of their samples.

Members of the cluster