The LIPIDOCEAN platform is a platform specialized in the detailed analysis of marine lipids, in all their complexity and diversity, from the subcellular scale to the ecosystem.

This platform is the result of more than 25 years research on marine lipids. It is a group of specialists with expertise in the analysis, chemistry and biology of marine lipids, associated with an efficient analytical park. One of the platform's strong points is the development of original and effective separative methods. These methods make it possible to analyze the lipids of marine origin with a rare level of detail and in the state of trace. The analysis of these molecules presents a real complexity, the platform LIPIDOCEAN is a relatively leader analytical structure on the topic of marine lipids.

The platform LIPIDOCEAN allows the analysis of the lipid composition of marine organisms as well as the study of the physiological mechanisms regulating this lipid composition. The biological matrices that can be analyzed are varied: animals, plants, microorganisms (bacteria, protists), sediments, seawater, co-products ... In other words, it is possible to separate, identify and quantify different types of lipids by the combination of different chromatographic techniques. This makes it possible to determine the lipid composition of the matrices studied, to go down to the level of the molecular species and to reach the "omic" level.

For example, it is possible to separate polar (membrane) lipids from neutral (reserve) lipids, to separate them into classes and subclasses and to determine their fatty acid and / or sterol composition.

The fields of application of this platform are varied, ranging from the most basic to the most applied, from cell physiology to biogeochemistry, via trophic ecology and biotechnology. It thus supports the three LEMAR research teams, as well as 35 external public and private partners, both nationally and internationally. It makes it possible to meet the needs of different users, as part of collaborative research projects but also services.

Among these projects can be cited the ANR Nanoplastics, (study of the impact of nanoplastics on cell membranes) or FUI Brainbooster and Interreg NWE ALG-AD (development of innovative ingredients for health or nutrition containing DHA, acid Omega 3)

The LIPIDOCEAN platform is also strongly involved in training with an EU dedicated to marine lipids in the Master 2 Sciences of the Sea and Littoral of the IUEM. She also takes part in the continuing training and supervision of many doctoral students and trainees.

The analytical park, distributed between the IUEM and Ifremer sites, is composed of 1 GC-MS, 4 GC-FID, 4 HPLC (UV, ELSD, DAD), 1 HPTLC system, 1 LC-MS / MS (in common with the LEMAR Proteomic technical platform) and 1 GC-c-IRMS (in common with the Isotopes Stables platform of the IUEM Ocean Spectrometry Pole).

The team is composed of a UBO research engineer (F. Le Grand, technical director), a CNRS research director (P. Soudant, or scientist), a CNRS technician in fixed-term contracts (A. Bideau) and a dozen technicians, researchers and research professors from LEMAR (G. Schaal, E. Kraffe, F. Pernet, C. Quere, ...).