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I study the effects of bioturbation activities by benthic invertebrates on the geochemical characteristics and biogeochemical fluxes of coastal sediments. Due to the strong natural and anthropogenic constraints affecting coastal environments, I am interested byt the impacts of benthic biodiversity changes within communities on the bioturbation activities. I use a biodiversity functional approach. I have chosen to address my scientific questions inl ecosystems storing large quantities of carbon (e.g. mangroves, estuaries, fjords) where the bioturbation activities modify this burial and/or OM degradation processes. I work both through experimental approaches in the laboratory (microcosms) or in the field (benthic mesocosms), but also through observations during fieldworks in coastal environments. I am using advanced technologies for 2D or 3D analysis and observation of the sedimentary matrix (planar Optodes, CT-Scan X-rays, Drone, photogrammetry, remote sensing…) in working closely with chemists, physicists and engineers colleagues, in order to integrate in my works the spatial heteogeneity of the studied areas, from micro to macro-scale.

I have been coordinating for a few years various national and international programs (ANR projects, EC2CO, GDR LIGA) about the functioning of mangrove ecosystems, mainly on the French Guiana coast whose dynamics under Amazonian influence makes it a very original case study, and I strongly participate in projects on other types of French Over-seas mangroves aiming to study the vulnerability of these environments to various pressures.

Within Lemar, I co-manage with my colleague S. Petek (IRD), the transverse axis “Lemar in the South” and I am involved in different committees locally within IUEM and Isblue.



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Le groupement de recherche GDR LIGA (Littoral de Guyane sous influence amazonienne) : https://ligagdr.wordpress.com/

International network on the bioturbation studies: Nereis Park: http://nereispark.org/

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