Ecosystem acoustics / marine ecology

PhD Student


LEMAR Laboratory


Currently doing a thesis on the study of the relationship between micronekton and environmental parameters in the tropical Pacific Ocean, I am mainly using active acoustic methods to study the spatial distribution of micronekton in the Pacific.

The first axis of the project is the improvement of the methodology of species classification (zooplankton and micronekton) based on acoustic data (especially broadband acoustics) which will allow a better interpretation of the acoustic measurements and a link between acoustics and trawling. The second axis is to apply these species classification methods to the study of the micronekton in the tropical Pacific to determine the different microtectonic ecosystems present and to make the link with environmental parameters. This work will result in the creation of models linking the spatial structuring of the micronekton and environmental parameters and will be based on the WARMALIS campaigns (2021/2023).

After a master’s degree in Climate and Ocean Sciences and an engineering degree in Physics, I joined LEMAR in 2020 through an internship on the study of micronekton distribution in the Marquesas Islands within the MOANA MATY project. This experience inspired me to continue in research in this field!