Marine ecology / trophic ecology / stable isotopes / metals

IRD Ouest


LEMAR Laboratory



+33 2 90 91 55 75

I am working on the trophic ecology of organisms in order to understand the functioning of marine ecosystems and to predict their responses to global changes.

I use marine organisms, and more specifically their chemical composition (stable isotopes C, N, Hg, and contaminants), as tools to understand the functioning of benthic and pelagic ecosystems, using invertebrates such as bivalves and corals and large predators such as tuna and seabirds.

Two main axes characterise the different facets of my research on large predators and invertebrates, showing in particular the feedback that seabirds feeding in the open sea can have on coastal ecosystems.

  1. Tuna as ocean sentinels: from monitoring to detecting spatial and temporal global changes.
  2. Seabirds to the rescue of coral reefs: the role of guano-derived nutrients on coral health.

This work has been carried out mainly with Overseas Territories in the south-west Pacific but also in Peru and in the Indian Ocean and I am currently developing a global scale for the tuna studies.

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