Odeline Billant


PhD Student

Université de Bretagne Occidentale


LEMAR Laboratory




Interview par l’association The Sea Cleaners, juin 2020


As a doctoral student in public law, the subject concerns the development of a methodology for measuring the application of marine environmental law, on the basis of legal indicators.

The identification of the qualitative and/or quantitative stages of the process of implementation and application of the rule will enable a qualitative evaluation of the implementation of the texts linked to the chosen indicators. As part of the OceanLAM project led by Marie Bonnin, the analyses will focus on a limited number of issues related to marine pollution from land-based sources (plastic, sanitation, persticides) and on a small number of African, European and American countries, located on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. These areas were chosen to allow the methodology to be tested in a panel of countries with different legal systems and socio-economic contexts. A legal database will be created to facilitate access to and processing of the data collected.

After a master’s degree in international economic policy at Sciences Po Paris, I joined IUEM in 2017 as the PADDLE project manager. The pursuit of a Master degree in environmental law in parallel as well as the contact with research gave me the desire to pursue a thesis!

Publications since arrival at LEMAR :

Billant, O., & Bonnin, M. 2021. Vers l’interdiction des sacs plastique en Afrique atlantique : une analyse numérique en droit de l’environnement. Mondes en Développement 49(193): 7–25. De Boeck. doi:10.3917/med.193.0011.
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Bonnin, M., & Billant, O. 2020. Medir a eficácia da legislação ambiental marinha: otimizar a proteção ambiental através do uso de ferramentas inovadoras. In Direitos, Cidadania e Desenvolvimento Sustentável. Edited by S. Teles da Silva, M. Duarte dos Santos, and F. Nagao Menezes. Eseni Editora, Softwares E Empreendimento Educacionais Ltda, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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