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“Appeal of 5 March” of CNU 22

We are the University We, members of the 22nd section of the National Council of Universities, created by ordinance at the Liberation to represent our peers, denounce 20 years of policies of cynical destruction of the public service of higher education and research. From the top to the bottom of the university, sabotage has been […]

Identification of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Synthesis Pathways in the Toxic Dinophyte Alexandrium minutum Using 13C-Labelling

Abstract The synthetic pathways responsible for the production of the polyunsaturated fatty acids 22:6n-3 and 20:5n-3 were studied in the Dinophyte Alexandrium minutum. The purpose of this work was to follow the progressive incorporation of an isotopic label (13CO2) into 11 fatty acids to better understand the fatty acid synthesis pathways in A. minutum. The […]

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New guidelines for the application of Stokes’ models to the sinking velocity of marine aggregates

Numerical simulations of ocean biogeochemical cycles need to adequately represent particle sinking velocities (SV). For decades, Stokes’ Law estimating particle SV from density and size has been widely used. But while Stokes’ Law holds for small, smooth, and rigid spheres settling at low Reynolds number, it fails when applied to marine aggregates complex in shape, […]

The final conference of the VIVALDI project

26-27 November at the PNBI in Plouzané will consist in a Scientific congress dedicated to VIVALDI‘s research results. 28 November will be open to all stakeholders and will present VIVALDI’s main applied outcomes and potential innovations. On that day, interpretation will be available in French, English, Spanish and Italian. Session will take place at Océanopolis […]


RESSAC Festival from 16 to 22 November

The first edition of the Ressac festival (Research in the arts and creation sciences), proposed and organised by the cultural service of the UBO (University of Western Brittany), begins on Saturday 16 November with the project “Auris maris, une oreille de mer à l’écoute du changement climatique” at Océanopolis. LEMAR participates in this project, in […]