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IUEM’s “Go South !” day

As part of the “Au Sud” axis, IUEM is organising the second edition of the “Au Sud” day, this time focused on Africa, on 29 May from 9am to 12pm (Amphi D).

Daniel Conley’s seminar (Lund University, Sweden) on April 29

On April 29th at 10am in room A215 (IUEM) we will welcome Daniel Conley from Lund University in Sweden who will present his work on the following theme: Constraining variations in the global biogeochemical silica cycle through geologic time. Summary of his presentation: It is widely recognized that the emergence and expansion of silica biomineralization […]

Ifremer was 35 years old in June 2019!

The web series “It’s sea time” is complete: all 35 videos produced for Ifremer’s 35th anniversary have been put online. In two to three minutes, discover the research topics of Ifremer’s laboratories.