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PHYCOTOX 2019 GdR Annual Conference on Toxic Microalgae

GdR PHYCOTOX met in Plouzané on 15 and 16 May 2019 at IUEM, for its national conference on toxic microalgae. This meeting was an opportunity for the members of the GdR to present their research work, either through an oral presentation or a poster and to exchange ideas during workshops. The detailed programme and abstracts […]

The Marine Fact sheet n°3 on the news of the overseas seagrass beds has been published

IFRECOR (Initiative FRançaise pour les RÉcifs CORalliens) promotes documentation on coral reefs and associated ecosystems in French overseas territories. Like the first two issues, this new Marine Leaflet (n°3) aims to communicate and promote the ongoing actions on seagrass beds in different overseas territories and promote the networking of stakeholders. Several contributors have contributed richly […]

IUEM’s “Go South !” day

As part of the “Au Sud” axis, IUEM is organising the second edition of the “Au Sud” day, this time focused on Africa, on 29 May from 9am to 12pm (Amphi D).