Rade de Brest

In May 2012, the Zone Atelier Brest Iroise, in France, was recognised by INEE-CNRS (Institute of Ecology and Environment, French National Center for Scientific Research). It is coordinated by two laboratories of the European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM) : LETG Brest – Géomer and LEMAR, and includes several Breton laboratories doing research on 4 major topics concerning the coast :

  • Vulnerability to coastal hazards
  • Land-sea transfers and their consequences for socio-ecological systems
  • Conservation of biodiversity and land-use management
  • Relations between sciences and society.

Its objective is to improve our understanding of the functioning and evolution of coastal social-ecological systems in a changing environment and within a perspective of integrated management, by favouring an interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach along the land-sea continuum.

More information on the ZABrI website and on the INEE’s Réseau des Zones Ateliers (RZA).

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