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In addition to presenting us and our work, this site is one of our contributions to public debate and the dissemination of research knowledge in order to contribute to the scientific literacy of all our fellow citizens.

The current environmental situation and the often tragic news related to climate change give us as scientists an important responsibility. Climate scepticism has not disappeared, far from it, and leading political authorities are clearly showing their willingness to favour short-term benefits and refuse to act while their own administrations acknowledge that the current situation is leading to disaster.

The latest special report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the reports of IPBES (International Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) to which we have contributed either directly or through our research, have shown that some ecosystems are already heavily affected. These include coastal areas subject to flooding, and Arctic and inter-tropical areas. In the latter, corals and small-scale fisheries are particularly threatened.

Joint research units (UMRs in French) are a privileged place for the creation of knowledge. LEMAR brings together teams dedicated to fundamental research, innovation, research for development, support for public policies, education and training, and the dissemination of knowledge. If you follow us regularly, you will see that there is also room for (a little) optimism if we all together become aware and act on the basis of the best science.

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