shallow hydroThermal sOurces of trace elemeNts: potential impacts on biological productivity and the bioloGicAl carbon pump


Sophie Bonnet, MIO et Cécile Guieu LOV

Project type



Project duration

Start Date

October 1, 2018

End Date

September 30, 2022


TONGA is a multidisciplinary 3-year project dedicated to the study of the control of ocean productivity and carbon sequestration driven by micronutrients from hydrothermal origin. It involves 85 scientists from 19 international institutions and is based both on a 37-day oceanographic cruise in the Western Tropical South Pacific and modelling work.

The team


Français: MIO, LOV, GET, LEMAR, LISA, AD2M, LOPS, LOCEAN, LEGOS, AEL, LaMP, GEOAZUR (Université Nice Sopha Antipolis), DIMENC (Direction des Mines et de l’Environnement, N. Caledonie), IFREMER (Brest)

Internationaux: University of Liverpool (UK), University of Tasmania (Australia), New-York University Abu-Dhabi (USA, Emirates), Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research (Germany), Florida State University (USA), University of South Pacific (regional Univ. 12 countries)