Frédéric LE MOIGNE

Marine biogeochemistry, biological carbon pump, plankton ecology



LEMAR Laboratory



I work mainly on the exchange of organic carbon between the surface and the deep ocean. These exchanges take place in the form of what is called “marine snow”. This “marine snow” is essentially composed of planktonic detritus that flows from the surface to the bottom of the ocean. My scientific project aims to evaluate, first, the influence of factors such as phyto-zooplanktonic and bacterial composition on different modes (or pathways) of carbon export by the marine snow from the euphotic layer, but also of carbon transfer through the mesopelagic layer (100-1000m). It will also identify and quantify the factors controlling the biological carbon pump, in order to better constrain its effectiveness in the face of future climate change. This will also allow to refine and/or strengthen the current estimates of the global intensity of the biological carbon pump”.

Participation in research projects