The BIODIMAR® technological platform is specialized in the study of the marine environment and its biodiversity. Its field of competence can be extended to other biological organisms. BIODIMAR® is a technical center of the University of Western Brittany (UBO), located in Brest, France.

This platform is also part of the Marine Science Laboratory MARin (LEMAR, UMR6539), located at the European University Institute of the Sea (IUEM), in Plouzané, France. BIODIMAR® also belongs to Biogenouest, the facilities network of the Life Sciences and Environment division of Western France.

BIODIMAR® specializes in the extraction, purification and analysis of marine biomolecules and their biological activities. This is to promote the development of research and innovation in the field of marine biotechnologies and the exploitation of marine-derived molecules.

The BIODIMAR® platform is based on unique know-how and specific equipment for the extraction, purification, analysis of biomolecules and their biological activities.

BIODIMAR® offers different activities:     

  • Marine Biomass Supply and Sample Preparation: Several technologies are being developed to provide high quality samples.     
  • Extraction, purification and characterization of small molecules (secondary metabolites, peptides, lipids) derived from marine biomass, following the specific recommendations of our partners (solvents, industrial processes, quality skills) if necessary.

Biological tests can be done. Biochemical quantifications (sugars, phenolic compounds, proteins, etc.), enzymatic inhibition activities (mainly for cosmetic applications) and the antioxidant capacity of molecules and / or extracts are commonly used to characterize fractions. In addition, antifouling tests (biofilm, micro and macro-adhesion organisms) can also be performed.