ECOBIM network

Studying chemical contamination and its effects

Since 2004, the international French-speaking network ECOBIM has brought together about 120 people from 30 research teams in bilateral collaborative actions in the field of ecotoxicology of aquatic environments on 2 axes, trans-Atlantic and trans-Mediterranean. The Network also counts among its members actors from the economic and cultural world: aquaculture resource operators, parks, aquariums,…. Ecotoxicology must adapt to the changing context of environmental chemical contamination (new molecules, interactions with climate change, etc.) by developing new skills in environmental assessment tools and methods. The joint approach along the continuums is promoted, through work on all anthropized aquatic ecosystems: mainly rivers and large estuaries. This network also aims to contribute to academic training at doctoral and pre-doctoral level through a well-established presence of teams in European and North American universities, but also to contribute to informing the public about the environmental consequences of pollution.

The main objectives of the network are:

  • acquire scientific knowledge on new forms of chemical contamination by promoting a multidisciplinary approach between biologists and chemists
  • promote their application to the operational component of monitoring programmes, in particular by harmonising methods of data analysis and exploitation
  • develop relevant biological models for monitoring aquatic environments
  • promote in situ observation by organizing joint work on internationally important workshop sites
  • access shared analytical means and heavy experimental means


Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer (France)

Université du Québec à Rimouski (Canada)

The ECOBIM Network in a few actions

– Coordination of bi-lateral research projects funded by: ANR, NSERC, OSPAR, Franco-Quebec Cooperation Programs,…

– Scientific animation

  • member mobility :stays of students, researchers, post-doctoral fellows
  • scientific meetings : methodological workshops (immunotoxicology, genotoxicology,…) since 2004 ; annual network facilitation conferences since 2006
  • multi-annual environmental assessment workshops on remarkable sites (St. Lawrence Maritime, Saguenay Fjord, Baie de Seine, Rade de Brest,…)

– Training through research : co-supervision of Master’s/Master’s students ; supervision of co-supervised doctorates

– Development of Digital Training Support


Europe: Pr Michel AUFFRET (Université de Brest, France, LEMAR)

North America: Pr Richard St LOUIS (UQAR, Qc, Canada)

ECOBIM’s webite