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A critical review on the evaluation of toxicity and ecological risk assessment of plastics in the marine environment

Abstract The increasing production of plastics together with the insufficient waste management has led to massive pollution by plastic debris in the marine environment. Contrary to other known pollutants, plastic has the potential to induce three types of toxic effects: physical (e.g intestinal injuries), chemical (e.g leaching of toxic additives) and biological (e.g transfer of […]

HIPPO environmental monitoring

HIPPO environmental monitoring: Impact of phytoplankton dynamics on water column chemistry and the sclerochronology of the king scallop (Pecten maximus) as a biogenic archive for past primary production reconstructions   Abstract As part of the HIPPO project (HIgh-resolution Primary Production multi-prOxy archives), environmental monitoring was carried out between March and October 2021 in the Bay […]

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A look back at the DRASTIC low-carbon oceanographic cruise

A “low-carbon” oceanographic cruise aboard an old sailing ship off the coast of Norway. At the Arctic Circle, where the waters of the North Atlantic and the Arctic meet, LEMAR scientists from the European Institute for the Sea in Brest (IUEM) are studying silicon, an essential nutrient for marine micro-organisms such as diatoms and radiolarians. […]


A CO₂ sink in the South Pacific marine desert

Four colleagues from LEMAR (Jérémie Habasque, Frédéric Le Moigne, Anne Lebourges-Dhaussy et Géraldine Sarthou) have participated in a major international study based on the results of the TONGA cruise. This study, led by Sophie Bonnet (MIO) and Cécile Guieu (LOV) focuses on the mechanism of natural iron fertilisation in the ocean by hydrothermal springs, and […]