PACTE » WP 2 - Geomorphological and landscape changes

WP 2 - Geomorphological and landscape changes

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What are the main landscape transformations (vegetation, geomorphology, sediment flux) influenced by climate variability (precipitation, storminess, flood) and human activities over the past centuries?

High-resolution bathymetric and seismic surveys will be conducted in the two main estuaries of the Aulne and Elorn with for objectives: i) to reconstruct a general stratigraphic framework of the sedimentary infilling of the two estuaries, ii) to ensure that the new cores will be recovered at the most appropriate locations as well as iii) to provide field-based data to the modelling part (WP 4). Bathymetric surveys will be made along a limited number of transversal sections from upstream to the mouth of the estuaries. Bathymetric data in the shallower areas will be completed by the freely available Litto3D data. Sedimentological-geochemical data will allow evaluating major variations in runoff intensity (i.e. linked to vegetation cover and/or climate conditions) and pollution events, and will provide insights on past modifications in soil-use and vegetation cover (i.e. forests, hedgerows, cultures).