Moving towards innovative education for research-based and sustainable management of marine and freshwater ecosystems


Nico Koedam (VUB, Belgium, Diana Di Nitto (VUB, Belgium), Jorge Rafael Bermudez Monsalve (ESPOL, Ecuador)

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The project CORRIENTE XXI is a Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme Key Action 2 funded by the European Commission.
Aquatic ecosystems harbour unique biodiversity and provide key ecosystem services to people. CORRIENTE XXI therefore supports the needs of both Peru and Ecuador towards the sustainable management of aquatic (both marine and freshwater) ecosystems and resources, both nationally and in a transboundary context.

While addressing environmental challenges related to the 21st century, CORRIENTE XXI will invest in all aspects of the Higher Education curriculum (improved research-basis, international embedding, teaching approaches, etc.). It will lift the quality level of the 5 involved master programmes in Peru and Ecuador, increase employability and raise awareness on the importance of aquatic sciences and management.
These efforts will translate into more effective guidelines for policy and management both nationally and in transboundary regions and increase (inter)national scientific collaboration.

On of the workapackes is leaded by LEMAR (Jonathan Flye-Sainte-Marie)

The team


UBO: Justine Roddier, Riwaleen Ruault, Zindy Le Fourn, Frédérique Alban, Denis Bailly, Ingrid Peuziat

VUB, Belgique: Nico Koedam, Diana Di Nitto,

ESPOL, Equateur:  Jorge Rafael Bermudez Monsalve

UPCH, Pérou: Dimitri Gutierez, Jorge Cardich

UC, Equateur: Francisco Benitez-Capistros

UNSM, Pérou: Ana Huamantinco