Paddle Brazil workshop

2019 Paddle brazilian workshop in Recife

The workshop “MSP in tropical Atlantic: governance dynamics” aims to share experiences on Marine Spatial Planning in Europe and Brazil.
It will be centred on a legal and socio-political perspective, to better understand (emerging) policy practices, processes and institutional contexts enabling and/or constraining MSP
governance dynamics in the transboundary, North-South Atlantic context.

Four sessions will be organised over the two days of the workshop:

  • Marine Zoning in Brazil
  • MSP in Europe
  • Toward MSP in Brazil
  • Current connections across tropical Atlantic

This workshop is organized by the PADDLE project. with the help and support of:

  • “A estratégia brasileira de gestao sustentavel dos recursos marinhos vivos et nao vivos” (UnB, UFC e UPM – CAPES)
  • LMI Tapioca (IRD, UFPE, UFRPE)
  • Bacharelado em Oceanografia da UFPE – 10 anos
  • Wageningen University
  • Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa