Franco-Chilean scientific cooperation between the University of Western Brittany and the University of Antofagasta in Chile is based on an agreement signed in 1995 and renewed in 2015.

As part of this cooperation agreement between the two institutions, the LEMAR laboratory and the Alexander von Humbolt Natural Sciences Laboratory (University of Antofagasta) have developed research in the field of integrative biology and functional genomics of marine species in the Pacific Ocean.

Currently, genomic approaches have provided access to a global and informative characterization of the molecular mechanisms associated with metabolic regulatory processes in response to the multifactorial impact of the environment. Functional genomics is indeed a robust tool for improving our understanding of many molecular, cellular and physiological processes important in marine biocenosis.

It is in this context that the two laboratories are involved in the studies of integrative biology and functional genomics in shellfish and marine fish. Funding for doctoral students in cotutelle and stays by foreign researchers (“Attraction of specialized human capital: short-term mobility MEC), are provided by CONICYT Chile.

Person in charge: for LEMAR, Dario MORAGA and for the laboratory S.N. Alexander von Humbolt, Marcelo OLIVA.