Farewell anne

It is with great sorrow that we have learned, on Tuesday April 27, 2021, the sudden death of Anne Rognant, curator in charge of scientific and cultural mediation at Océanopolis.

More than a collaborator, Anne was a friend for many of us at LEMAR and more widely at IUEM. Passionate, bubbly and never short of ideas, Anne brought her inexhaustible energy to so many scientific mediation projects that it would be impossible to list them all here, taking scientists and students by the hand to get them out of their laboratories and share with as many people as possible the wonders of the Ocean and the adventure of knowledge. We were to inaugurate with her the exhibition “Plastik Panic in the Ocean” which she was, once again, at the origin.

If marine sciences – and much more than that – have been able to find such a strong echo among the population of Brest (European Night of Researchers, Science Festival, Science Villages, Young Reporters of Arts and Sciences, Eco-Counsellors of the Ocean, or even the e-classes of Océanopolis . …), it is largely thanks to the work she has accomplished for nearly 30 years, with the teams she has trained and who will, no doubt, maintain the flame she has lit.

Our thoughts are with her family, friends and colleagues.

Goodbye Anne, we will miss you.



(C) Frank Betermin