Emilien POUSSE

Biology, Bioenergetics, Ecophysiology of bivalves

Post-doctoral fellow


Laboratoire LEMAR


Emilien Pousse joins LEMAR as a postdoc on the MicroCO2sme project in the framework of Oceanolab, with Carole Di Poi, Ika Paul-Pont and Arnaud Huvet. Thanks to his expertise in bivalve ecophysiology and bioenergetics, Emilien will conduct his experiments at Oceanopolis, the aim of which will be to assess the vulnerability of the reefs formed by the flat oyster Ostrea edulis and its biocenosis to contamination by microplastics and in the context of global changes (warming and acidification of the water).

Emilien completed his PhD at LEMAR from 2014 to 2017 in which he studied and modelled the bioenergetic effects and accumulation of paralytic shellfish toxins in the hollow oyster before moving to Milford (Connecticut, USA) as a postdoctoral fellow in a NOAA laboratory to study, model and project the effects of ocean acidification on 3 bivalve species.

Participation in research projects