Upcoming event: WGFAST Conference, from April 9 to 12 at IUEM

The ICES/CIEM Working Group on Acoustics, Fisheries Science and Technology (WGFAST) has cutting-edge expertise in all aspects of fish stock assessment and the estimation of essential indicators for the management of pelagic species. It also develops essential approaches for the ecosystem-based knowledge and management of the environment, thanks to: the diversity of platforms on which acoustics can be deployed; the range of organisms that can be detected and recognized (zooplankton, micronekton, fish, marine mammals, etc.); the high resolution of the information, allowing analysis of interactions with environmental parameters; the non-destructive quality of the approach applicable to protected areas.

It will be structured into three sessions:

  • Acoustic methods for characterizing populations, ecosystems, habitat and behavior
  • Acoustic characterization of marine organisms
  • Emerging technologies, methodologies and protocols

Approaches for monitoring industrial areas of the sea, such as offshore wind farms, are welcome.


Complete information and registration on the IUEM website


The event, which is expected to bring together about 80 people each day, is organized by our colleagues from the acoustic platform.