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Lecturer sections CNU 67/68 - Geneticist, specialising in population genetics/genomics

Lecturer: Teacher & Researcher (MCF - Maître de Conférences)

The lecturer recruited will contribute to the teaching of the Biology Degree of the UFR Sciences (L2 and L3, UFR Sciences and Techniques). He/she will also contribute to the teaching of the Marine Biological Sciences specialisation of the SML Master's degree, the IMBRsea International Master's degree (IUEM) and the GCBio Master's degree (UFR Sciences.

In parallel to the research activities described below, the lecturer will contribute significantly to the teaching units (EU) relating to genetics and population genetics in the Bachelor of Biology (L2 and L3, UFR Sciences and Techniques), but also in the biology section of the SML Master (IUEM) as well as the IMBRSea and GCBio Masters. He/she will also be involved in courses integrating the biology of organisms and populations, through EU courses such as Biological Functions and Vital Cycles (Bachelor's Degree in Organism and Population Biology - Environment BOP-E), Population Genetics (Bachelor's Degree 3 BOP-E), Animal Biology (Bachelor's Degrees 2 and 3 BOP-E), Functioning of Populations and Exploited Populations or Responses of Coastal Populations to Stress (Master's Degree in SML biology). In addition, new initiatives are currently being developed to develop the teaching of population genetics and integrate it into a training programme open to international students and taking advantage of the possibilities offered by digital technology. Thus, a first proposal has been submitted within the framework of Sea-EU, and work is underway to create an online "version" of the IMBRSea Master's degree. Furthermore, as indicated in the ISBlue training strategy, which is currently being finalised, population genetics is one of the courses that will contribute to the implementation of a digital collaborative platform from the pilot phase scheduled for the end of 2020-21. The evolution of these pedagogical innovations into complete and sustainable teaching that can be integrated into the models of the future accreditation will only be possible with the support of the requested position.

Research axes and themes of the recruited teacher-researcher: Understanding the mechanisms governing the adaptive capacities of marine populations is of major importance in order to estimate their potential resilience in the face of the combined action of global changes and the various environmental pressures they face. This issue forms the basis of the PANORAMA team's research axis 5, proposed in the LEMAR's HCERES prospects for the period 2022-26. An essential prerequisite for studying the adaptive potential of populations lies in determining the evolutionary processes governing their genetic diversity. However, population genetics/genomics is a discipline that is insufficiently represented at LEMAR, which handicaps the study of population responses to environmental change. The recruited CE will develop approaches to population genetics/genomics within the framework of the PANORAMA team's AR5. In particular, he/she will work on the integration of these approaches with those carried out at the individual scale (e.g. molecular and cell biology, ecophysiology) to determine the adaptive value of phenotypic responses to environmental pressures. In the ISblue context, the EC will contribute to theme 3 regarding the adaptation and vulnerability of coastal marine populations to environmental changes, but also to theme 4 regarding the evolutionary forces governing the diversity of exploited marine populations.

Special skills required: In the context of the internationalisation of education at Bachelor's and Master's level, particularly in the context of SEA-EU (Bachelor's) and EUR ISBlue (Master's), the person recruited must be able to teach in English. In the short term it is expected that he/she will take responsibility for teaching units, particularly at Bachelor level (e.g. EU Animal Biology Bachelor 3 BOPE, EU Population Genetics left vacant by recent retirements). Experience of innovative teaching methods (reverse classes, implementation of MOOC, SPOC...) would be appreciated.

Public servant


Brest (UFR Sciences) et Plouzané (IUEM/LEMAR)

According to the MCF public index for French public servants

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