SCEDUR - Multi Pêche

Multi-criteria analysis of fishing methods for the identification of sustainable development scenarios for fisheries in France


Ifremer, RBE/STH

Project type



Direction Scientifique IFREMER

Project duration

Start Date

March 1, 2020

End Date

December 1, 2021

SCEDUR is an integrated project whose final objective is to shed light on the current debates on the sustainability of fishing methods by relying on a series of ecological, economic and social indicators and via multi-criteria decision-making approaches.

Taking into account all the pillars/dimensions of sustainability (ecological, economic and social), SCEDUR aims to take stock of the indicators currently available for each of these dimensions and to integrate new indicators associated with issues that have so far been little explored (fish quality, territorial impact of activities in particular).

Given the potentially conflicting nature of the decision criteria (combination of indicators associated with the different dimensions) according to the stakeholders, SCEDUR will mobilise tools to assess the relative performance of fishing methods as well as multi-criteria decision approaches to establish preferential rankings of methods according to the stakeholders.

SCEDUR uses various case studies to validate/refine a generic and multidisciplinary methodology for the evaluation of the sustainability of fishing methods. These case studies may consist of commercial species or groups of species (e.g. sole or flatfish), ecosystems (e.g. Bay of Biscay, Guiana Shelf) or territories (e.g. North Sea – Channel coastline, or on another scale, southern Brittany).

The team

Laboratory Members


Marie SAVINA ROLLAND (Ifremer, RBE/STH), Youen VERMARD (Ifremer, RBE/EMH), Fabienne DAURES (Ifremer, RBE/EM, AMURE), Nicolas DESROY (Ifremer, ODE)