Light spectrum effect on the microphytobenthos photobiology in the Bay of Brest : involvement in the coastal primary productivity.


Johann Lavaud

Project type



EC2CO Microbiome

Ecole doctorale SML

Région Bretagne

Project duration

Start Date

January 1, 2022

End Date

December 31, 2025


  The general objective of the LUMIÈRE project is to better understand the complex interaction between the light spectrum at the surface of coastal sediments, the vertical migration of microphytobenthos (MPB), its accumulation at the sediment surface and its photosynthetic activity, and how ultimately all of these govern the primary productivity of the sediments of the bay of Brest at different time scales (i.e. from emersion to season). The project will answer two main questions: 1) what are the effects of light quality on the rhythmicity of MPB vertical migration and on the productivity of subtidal and intertidal sediments, 2) how do MPB diatoms perceive and use blue wavelengths ?

The team


  • Kevin Heggarty, Département d’Optique, IMT Atlantique, Plouzané.
  • Vona Méléder, Isomer-Institut des Substances et Organismes de la Mer, Université de Nantes.
  • Angela Falciatore, UMR7141, IBPC-Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, CNRS/Sorbonne Université.
  • Marianne Jaubert, UMR7141, IBPC-Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, CNRS/Sorbonne Université.
  • João Serôdio, Department of Biology and CESAM-Center for Environmental and Marine Studies, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal.