Analytical and Experimental Means in LEMAR Networks

The MAERL database - Moyens Analytiques et Expérimentaux en Réseaux au Lemar - responds to a need for a census and information regarding the availability of tools and technical means present in the laboratory. Indeed, the laboratory has a large number of equipment, dispersed in different buildings on at least three sites: IUEM, Ifremer and Argenton. To facilitate the pooling and use of these means and equipment, the laboratory has carried out an inventory. More than 500 devices are currently listed in the module EQUIPEMENTS of a database, created using the software LabCollector and hosted by Ifremer. This database, accessible after identification, is made available to laboratory members and students. Each piece of equipment is described in a file with its nom, an identification number, its category, its make, the model, the date of purchase, the serial number. But above all, the geographical of the equipment and the coordinates of the responsible are informed there. Sometimes are added a photo, the general condition, the cost of renewal, see even a calendar of availability and reservation. The management of the equipment is moderated by the person in charge. In order to help you search for equipment or hardware on the LabCollector software, a tutorial is available on the the LEMAR intranet

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