Research and training activities taking place in Mexico bring together researchers from LEMAR and partners in Mexico. The main collaborations are developed with the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste, S.C. (CIBNOR) around several themes in marine sciences.

The theme currently being developed concerns the study of environmental processes that provide a favorable environment for coastal bays communities facing East-boarder upwelling systems. In the context of increasingly frequent and important biotic and abiotic stress, it is now important to understand how populations and communities react. More specifically, it is about understanding their impact on individual growth, reproduction and survival of organisms. Episodic disturbances (eg introduction of competitors, anthropogenic pressures, development of pathogens or toxic algae) can have a strong influence on the biology of organisms and the dynamics of populations, on the availability and / or the exploitation of natural resources. This work combines a wide range of scientific disciplines, ranging from ecology, ecophysiology, genetics, to pathology and bioenergetic modeling, and using emerging technologies in marine science (eg transcriptomics, proteomics, bacterial detection, isotope analysis on specific compounds as trophic markers, etc.). The developed approaches are designed to be developed and applied to other species and fisheries of the coastal area of ​​Baja California, but also to other upwelling ecosystems (eg Peru, West Africa) where are also involved several researchers from LEMAR and Mexico participating in the project.

These actions in Mexico also include a training part through the supervision of doctoral students in co-direction / cobadging with the UBO (currently 3 PhD students), the realization of research internship at Master and Doctorate level for IUEM and CIBNOR students and the organization of training courses in the partner laboratories of both countries.

As part of this training component, other research topics are developed between the two countries mainly concerning aquaculture and fisheries ecology.

  • ECOS-ANNUIES “PROPHYMUS” cooperation project (2016-2019) between LEMAR and CIBNOR in Mexico. Leaders: F. Jean/E. Kraffe for LEMAR and I. Told for CIBNOR.
  • ERASMUS+ MIC teaching mobility programme between UBO and CIBNOR (19 student and teacher mobility) (2017-2019). Leaders: E. Kraffe for LEMAR/UBO and N. Hernandez/ I. Racotta for CIBNOR
  • International Scientific Collaboration Project PICS “PROPHYMUS” between Lemar and CIBNOR: submitted – under evaluation.

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