European universities: UBO successful!

Our university, which is associated with the Universities of Cadiz (Spain), Kiel (Germany), Gdansk (Poland), Split (Croatia) and Malta in the “SEA-EU” project, has just been awarded the title “European University” among the 17 projects selected by the European Commission.

Our President Mathieu Gallou’s message notes that this project, built at the end of 2018 with the enthusiastic support of our components and the extremely important support of the services, will allow UBO to change its dimension in its European exchanges, but also in the European dimension of all our training courses. Indeed, if the unifying theme of the six partner universities is their maritime dimension at the outset, this project goes well beyond marine sciences and is anchored in the broader question of European citizenship and the responsibility of European citizens in meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s society: it concerns in particular the necessary articulation between social inclusion and environmental protection. Thanks to the resources obtained, which will come partly from Europe and partly from France, we will thus make a better contribution to training young Europeans in the societal changes that await them or that they will have to promote.