Modelling - Marine biology

PhD student
Université de Bretagne Occidentale

Ancien membre du laboratoire


LEMAR Laboratory


My PhD investigates the drivers of the lifecycle and population dynamics of the small pelagic fish (anchovies, sardines, etc.) in the most productive ecosystem worldwide, the eastern-boundary upwelling ecosystem.

Two hypothesis are tested in parallel, by using a modelling approach (DEB model): i) the importance and role of the bottom-up control and ii) the part and impact of life trait ecological diversity of each species.

This PhD is part of the OMEGA project.


After an engineer degree from the IMT Atlantique (Mines de Nantes) in 2012 and a first career in environmental consulting, I initiated a career change by obtaining a master degree in marine biology at the Aix-Marseille University in 2021 to work in the field of modelling.


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