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My research interests are modern marine biogeochemical cycles with a focus on the silicon cycles and the silicon isotopic fractionation. The investigation of the silicon cycle is of great importance due to its close link with the carbon cycle and thus climate changes.

To do so, I use the silicon isotopes, which has been highlighted first as a proxy for phytoplankton productivity, to better understand the silica sources and sinks. Nevertheless, the big picture requires to look at smaller scale in order to better constrain the silicon isotopes as a proxy for our understanding of the marine system. My research particularly focuses on the silicon isotope fractionation origins during silicon biomineralisation (precipitation of silica) in diatoms and deep-sea sponges to better model past phytoplankton productivity and silicic acid concentration. Furthermore, I use the silicon isotopes to understand the marine sediment/pore waters interactions and nutrient fluxes at the seawater/sediment interface as a potential source of nutrient to the water column. Finally, I study water masses mixing impact on the surface phytoplankton bloom and their silicon isotopes signature. My research has a particular interest in the West Antarctic Peninsula environment but also relies on other field data and laboratory experiments.

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