Trophic ecology, biodiversity and connectivity in north eastern Brazil - September 2017

12 Septembre 2017 - 12 Octobre 2017

part of Ecosystem Dynamics

Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist


Following the first interactions with IRD collegues within the framework of the PADDLE Project Thierry Frédou and Flávia Lucena Frédou (UFPRPE) followed up the compilation of available knowledge on trophic ecology, biodiversity and connectivity in north eastern Brazil (Task 2.1). In addition, in interactction with François Le Loch they consolidated a protocol for stable isotope analysis and the further processing of the data. Samples from the ABRAÇOS surveys and other projects were used (Task 2.2). Administrative, logistic and educational aspect were discussed for further actions during the project actions. PhD co-supervisions were set up between both post-graduation programs “Programa de pós-graduação em Recursos Pesqueiros e Aquicultura” e “L’Ecole doctoral GAIA”. Biological samples already collected were treated and the results analysed. Scientific documents were drafted on ecosystem dynamics in order to be submitted in peer-reviewed journals.