Flavia Lucena Frédou
Pr. at UFRPE

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Flávia Lucena Frédou: Dr., 44 years, Pr. at UFRPE and CNPq researcher (level 2). She is  specialist in assessing the Red List following the Criteria of IUCN, participant of the process of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAS) organized by CDB (Convention on Biological Biodiversity) and member of "World Ocean Assessment Pool of Experts" (ONU).  Experienced in Marine and Estuarine Ecology, with emphasis on Management and Conservation of Fishing Resources within an ecosystem approach. Her research aims at understanding the functioning of aquatic ecosystems and the impacts caused by anthropic activities, with emphasis on the fishing resources. She authored or co-authored 64 papers, 13 book chapters and acted as reviewer for 17 scientific Journals. She supervised 22 Masters, 4 PhD and 3 post-doc and coordinated a variety of research projects.