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“Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul” Rabelais in version 2018

Alison Antes asks the question: What are the decisions and behaviours that allow innovative, rigorous and ethical research to be conducted in our laboratories and institutions? And she notes that many people in managerial positions have limited knowledge about how to create healthy and dynamic working conditions (“healthy workplace”). I’m not sure that this can really be learned in managerial training. How to foster good team dynamics? How to be engaged on a daily basis, accessible and aware of the need to maintain a good working atmosphere?

I will not paraphrase here her paper or the 6 main tasks she suggests to all scientists in a position of responsibility. Acting to establish good working conditions and relationships must be at the very beginning of our to-do list at all times. The title of his article is already a major program. For my part, I will have it displayed before my eyes on the wall above my desk.

An article that is a must read for all those in a managerial positions in the field of science!

Antes, A., 2018. First law of leadership: be human first, scientist second. Nature, 563, 601. doi: 10.1038/d41586-018-07530-7

With my best wishes for 2019!