Production of biological material (hollow oyster) for experimentation


Bruno Petton (Ifremer-LEMAR)

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October 24, 2018

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FINA is an Ifremer transversal action, supported by Ifremer’s Biological Resources and Environment department, which allows the production of NSI (Naissain standardisé Ifremer) hollow oysters, biological reference material preserved́ from diseases and mortalities (OsHV1 μVar not detected́, very low level of vibrios).

They are produced according to standardised rearing processes in the Ifremer tools of Argenton and Bouin from broodstock of wild origin (diversitý of genetic heritage). The CLFs are requested and used for experiments in numerous projects (23 in 2018) in the laboratory (ANR DECIPHER, REVENGE, NANO; OASYS-AiAi, BODY, MOLLUSC…) and/or in partnership with other laboratories and universities. Finally, they serve as “sentinel” animals in the national observation network RESCO/ECOSCOPA. Since 2012, almost 2,000,000 CLFs have been used for experiments.

The team


Ifremer PRI Bouin, V. Buchet, M. Rabiller, K. Guyomard