National reference observatory of the life cycle of the hollow oyster in the French shellfish ecosystems


Elodie FLEURY, Stéphane POUVREAU & Sébastien PETTON

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Ministère français DGAMPA

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Built on the basis of a national network of workshop sites and study stations, the Ecoscopa network aims to produce relevant descriptors of the life cycle of the cupped oyster (Larval stage – Recruitment – Reproduction – Growth – Survival), while ensuring the sustainability of reference time series acquired over several years. This observatory is part of the context of climate change and proposes to provide objective elements to better anticipate possible future crises.
The expectations for the scientists are:

  • Constitution of unique biological series allowing the analysis of the effect of the hydro-climatic environment on the biology of a model species in the marine environment / improvement of knowledge in marine ecology.
  • Operational and reactive base of standardized monitoring on which specific studies requiring in situ analyses can be easily grafted.
  • Obtaining new physiological data to describe the thermal tolerance of the animal in its natural environment, according to a latitudinal gradient.
  • To better understand the impact of cytogenetic status on the major biological functions and zootechnical performances of oysters.

The expectations for the support to the public policy are :

  • Acquisition of reference data on the physiological status and performances (growth, survival) of standardized animals in contrasting ecosystems.
  • Decision support in the context of biological anomalies, agricultural disaster procedures, impact studies of restocking operations, allocation of new catchment area, authorization of natural banks exploitation, and more generally, evaluation of the state of ecosystems, effect of climate change.
  • Spatialization and quantification of genomic anomalies: cytogenetic quality of the analyzed flocks, temporal evolution and relation between the cytogenetic quality of oysters and their biological performances

Stations de suivi du réseau ECOSCOPA


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Benabdelmouna Abdellah, Chrsitophe Ledu, Wilried Louis, Julien Normand, Patrik Le Gall, J. Cheve, JF. Bouget, JL. Seugnet, P. Geairon, J. Grizon, A. Piraud, I. Auby,, C. Meteigner, M.P. Tournaire, L. Rigouin, M. Rumèbe, F. Trut, E. Antajan, F. Lagarde, G. Messiaen, H. Violette, AL. Bouquet, M. Béchade, P. Barbier, M. Mazzocco, S. Pien, G. Allain, H. Cochet