Shellfish farming in a CO2 rich world


Fabrice Pernet et Frédéric Gazeau

Project type




Project duration

Start Date

January 1, 2020

End Date

June 30, 2023

CocoriCO2 is an interdisciplinary project which aims to increase the resilience, sustainability and competitiveness of the French shellfish industry, considering climate change and more particularly ocean acidification (OA). To achieve this objective, we are proposing an innovative partnership between marine ecologists with expertise in shellfish aquaculture and environment (Ifremer Brittany), bio-geochemists recognized for their work on ocean acidification (CNRS Villefranche) and shellfish industry representatives at national (Comité National de la Conchyliculture, CNC) and regional (Comités Régionaux de la Conchyliculture, CRC, North Brittany and Mediterranean) levels involved in the implementation and monitoring of the project. CocoriCO2 is based on complementary disciplines, i.e. ecology, bio-geochemistry, physiology, economics and social sciences, well covered by the partnership. The specific objectives of the project are to observe, analyze, anticipate and remedy the effects of OA on shellfish farming and will allow for the first time to assess the vulnerability of ecosystems, farmed species and businesses. We will set up the first monitoring of pH and carbonates in seawater in shellfish growing areas to assess their vulnerability to OA. Then, we will assess using “ecologically realistic” mesocosms the impacts of OA according to several climate change scenarios on the performance and quality of bivalves during a complete life cycle on Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. We will conduct surveys on all production areas to assess the perception of OA by shellfish farmers and adaptation strategies, and we will estimate the impact of OA on companies. Finally, we will test in the laboratory and in the field the potential of macroalgae and alkaline products from shelled wastes to locally limit the effects of OA.

The team


Ifremer (partenaire 1)

  • Christophe Stavrakakis
  • Mathias Papin
  • Isabelle Auby
  • Florence d’Amico
  • Claire Méteigner
  • Loïc Rigouin
  • Jonathan Deborde
  • Franck Lagarde
  • Vincent Ouisse
  • Marion Richard
  • Elodie Foucault
  • Grégory Messaien
  • Mathilde Shapira
  • Michael Retho
  • Pierre Polsenaere

CNRS (Partenaire 2)

  • Frédéric Gazeau
  • Pierre Urrutti
  • Jean-Pierre Gattuso
  • Steeve Comeau
  • Samir Alliouane
  • Jean-Michel Grisoni

CRC Bretagne-Nord

  • Apolline Lebourg
  • Alexandre Dousset

CRC Méditerranée

  • Denis Regler
  • Adeline Perignon
  • Nicolas Brodu


  • Audrey Lainé
  • Gabriel Pereira Moreira
  • Christel Perot Camus
  • Céline Saramago

SAS capacité (prestataire)

  • Véronique Le Bihan