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Laure Gandois (CNRS, LEFE) et Julien Némery (UGA/Grenoble INP - IGE)

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PEPR FairCarbon, France 2030

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The CarboNium Project "Carbon Dynamics in the Terrestrial-Aquatic Continuum: Infrastructure Support" of the PEPR FairCarboN aims to contribute to better documentation of the carbon cycle at the interface between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (surface waters, wetlands), at the interface between continental surfaces and oceans (coastal ecosystems, estuaries), and along river systems ensuring the Land-Sea continuum. Better quantification of carbon fluxes and knowledge of carbon dynamics in aquatic ecosystems are essential for drawing up comprehensive carbon budgets, and for constraining GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions from continental surfaces. In this context, CarboNium will meet the following objectives:

(1) Synthesize data on carbon fluxes and stocks in the terrestrial aquatic continuum from French infrastructure observatory sites,

(2) Densify observations of fluxes (including high-frequency instrumentation) and carbon stocks from French infrastructure observatory sites,

(3) Unify the protocols used by the French community to study the carbon cycle in the terrestrial aquatic continuum,

(4) Propose a community modeling platform for the carbon cycle in the land-sea continuum.

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