Chemical Analysis Plateau of Basic Marine Environment Parameters

The objective of this platform is to provide analytical skills and tools to support research programmes at LEMAR but also "sustainable" monitoring of IUEM coastal observation networks (SOMLIT, ECOFLUX). It allows the analysis of certain parameters, known as "basic", to characterize the marine environment at the level of hydrological and biological structures. These parameters are in mineral or organic, dissolved or particulate form. The PACHIDERM analysis table proposes the analysis of the following parameters :
  • Nutrient salts (hydrological descriptor) : nitrates, nitrites, ammonium, phosphates and silicon
  • Carbon and particulate organic nitrogen (biological descriptor)
  • Chlorophyll a (biological descriptor)
  The PACHIDERM team consists of 7 people:
  • Morgan Gallinari : platform manager
  • Brivaëla Moriceau : scientific referent
  • Manon Le Goff : technical manager for nutrient salt analysis
  • Emilie Grossteffan: technical manager for nutrient salt analysis and training for users of self-analysers
  • Jérémy Devesa : technical manager for carbon and particulate organic nitrogen analysis
  • Isabelle Bihannic : technical manager for chlorophyll analysis a
  • Rudolph Corvaisier : member of the steering committee