IUEM’s “Go South !” day

The In the South 2018 day confirmed the interest of a wider sharing of information on existing partnerships, and made it possible to identify the presence of synergies and the existence of expertise, at IUEM, in the establishment of multidisciplinary centres in marine sciences in the South.

This “South” Africa day will be divided into two parts:

1) a time for disseminating/collecting information on current PAA news on current and submitted African countries,
2) a time to co-construct the prospects for the year 2020, in particular around the question of capacity building in training and research in Africa, in conjunction with the IRD, on which we can set up/expand our working groups.

Ongoing dynamics:
– recent submission of a project to the MEAE concerning training in Marine Sciences in South Africa and Senegal,
– end 2019: completion of the ScolaMar capacity-building,
– opportunities related to the submission of European projects (intra-African mobility PAAs, capacity-building, RISE) and future MEAE PAAs, involving African partners,
– …