Clément OFFRET


Université de Bretagne Occidentale

Ancien membre du laboratoire


Laboratoire LEMAR



Earlier, I have worked on the impact of biotic and abiotic stress on farmed abalone and their immune and transcriptional response. I also gained in-depth expertise in biotechnological potential of microbiota from marine invertebrates and its contribution in homeostasis of host. The main objective of these projects was to select and use antimicrobial strains from endogenic microbiota, as probiotics, to prevent microbial diseases in farmed marine invertebrates.

Today, considering the increasing incidences of mass mortality events (MMEs) for farmed and wild marine invertebrate species, related to global warming, there will be higher demands to explain links between biotic and/or abiotic factors and MMEs. Habitat strongly impacted microbiota,  affecting both dynamic and diversity of microbiota and consequently holobiont homeostasis (physiology, immune parameters…). I believe that we can’t ignore implication of microbial community and dynamic in the host defences and resistances. We urgently need to face this issue and not only provide sustainable solutions for aquaculture industries, but also to understand global impact on health status of marine organisms to suggest efficient recommendations for its preservation and welfare.

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