Marianna CAVALLO

Gestion des systèmes socio-écologiques


Ancien membre du laboratoire


Laboratoire LEMAR



I arrived at the LEMAR in January 2022 for a post-doc on the assessment of the cumulative effect of climate change and ciguatera fish poisoning on the South Pacific communities. This transdisciplinary project consists of combining the valuable traditional knowledge with the scientific information to identify the most relevant indicators of vulnerability and adaptive capacity to future climatic conditions. I have previously been involved in a project focused on the social acceptability of coastal development across the Mediterranean Sea (Ifremer, AMURE laboratory) and the regional cooperation and coherent implementation of marine policies in the North-East Atlantic region (PhD, University of Hull-York).

My goal is to contribute to the discourse of inclusive and equitable ocean management across the globe. I have recently received two awards, the Australia-France Social Science Collaborative Research Programme (2020) and the Bourse jeunes chercheuses, Jeunes chercheurs of the MSH-Pacific (2020) and I am the co-editor of several journals and member of the ICES WG Social.