“Avant la débâcle” (Before the ice break-up)


The book “Avant la débâcle” (Before the ice-break) is edited and designed by éditions autonomes, Nathalie Bihan, Brest and published by “éditions autonomes”. Printed at 200 copies on Inuit paper – legal deposit 4th quarter 2018. Photos by Jean Gaumy (Magnum Photos) and Erwan Amice (CNRS), texts by Jean-Manuel Warnet (UBO). Price : 10 euros.

The book was designed as part of an artists’ residency and scientific missions of Jean Gaumy and Jean-Manuel Warnet with the teams of the LIA BeBest of LEMAR, which have been made possible thanks to the support of the UBO Foundation and the European project INTAROS. The scientific projects were coordinated by Laurent Chauvaud (CNRS Director of Research at LEMAR) and the artistic project was coordinated by Emmanuelle Hascoët / Fovearts.