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The Silicon Cycle: The Forgotten Silicified

Le cycle du silicium est une thématique historique du LEMAR qui possède une forte visibilité internationale grâce à notre implication dans les programmes et consortium internationaux comme BioGeoSCAPES, IMBER, IODP, GEOTRACES, OPALEO, PAGES et SILICAMICS. Nous avons développé une approche transdisciplinaire, incluant la chimie, la biogéochimie, la paléo-océanographie, la biochimie, la physiologie, la biologie et, […]


Functional ecology

Understanding the role and functions of organisms in their living environment is a major objective set by the DISCOVERY team. To simplify the representation of biodiversity and its role in the functioning of ecosystems, a functional approach to biodiversity is used by looking for groups of species, characterised by common biological traits (trophic mode, mobility, […]


Role of complex trophic interactions in biogeochemical cycles

In the ocean, trophic interactions between individuals are still mainly represented in a predator-prey pattern. However, meta-analyses of taxonomic co-occurrences, made possible by advances in molecular biology, suggest that many planktonic organisms are involved in complex interactions ranging from facultative predation to symbiosis to mutualism. While these relationships appear to be the rule rather than […]