Documentary researches on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) – October 2017

Documentary researches on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) – October 2017
11 Octobre 2017 - 11 Novembre 2017

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Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist



I benefited from this month hosted by IRD in Brest to pursue documentary researches on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and marine environmental law in general at the university’s libraries. This allowed me to actualize my bibliography in coastal law, public international law and law of the sea, and to explore new publication perspectives, notably on the instruments developed by urbanism as tools for marine spatial planning.

During this month, I also took the opportunity to meet and exchange with colleagues from the university of Brest specialists in coastal law. Last, I attended two conferences organized at UBO by Betty Queffelec on one hand, and Céline Jacob, Pierre Scemama and Adeline Bas on the other hand, respectively on the contribution of law and economy to ecological compensation analyses and on research perspectives for ecological compensations schemes. The participation of these two conferences opened future research perspectives.

This secondment, in addition to the research I was able to conduct for the project, helped me to build my capacity.