Processing and analysing the biologging data collected - November 2017

23 Novembre 2017 - 13 Février 2018

part of Ecosystem Dynamics

Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist

To fill in the methodological gaps identified during a first visit this secondment was used for:

- giving a 60h lecture on “Marine megafauna and movement ecology”, at UFRPE, to a master and PhD students (from biology statistics) from UFRPE, UFPE, UFAK and FURG (Task 2.4);

- supervising the research of an UFRPE master student (Tatiana Beltrão) on the artisanal fishery from Fernando de Noronha (Task 2.3);

- submitting 3 proposals with Brazilian colleagues for funding at the National Geographic Foundation, SFE (French Society of Ecology) and Labex Cemeb;

- processing and analysing the biologging data collected on seabirds and artisanal fishing vessels collected in Noronha in September 2017 (Task 2.3);

- preparing the next biologging field work to be done in April 2018 in Fernando de Noronha.