Preparation of a course on marine megafauna and movement ecology

23 Octobre 2017 - 11 Novembre 2017

part of Ecosystem Dynamics

Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist

Among the gaps on knowledge identified in Task 2.1 the need for spatialized data on fishers and to predators was highlighted. To fill this gap field work was organised (see (4)) but the processing of the data needs ad hoc statistical and mathematical tools. During her segundment Sophie Bertrand interacted with collegues from UFPE and UFRPE to prepare a 60h course on "Marine megafauna and movement ecology" that she teasched at UFRPE in December 2017. During this secondment Sophie Bertrand also participated to the bi-annual workshop on Abraços at sea survey where she presented the last advances and fishers and seabirds spatial behaviour (31/10, UFPE, WP2). In addition she participate as a jury member to the master qualification oral exam of a student working on seabirds in Fernando de Noronha (26/10, UFAL, WP2).