First Fish acoustic around Fernando de Noronha (FAROFA 1) survey - September 2017

01 Aout 2017 - 30 Septembre 2017

part of

This secondment allowed joint work with UFPE and UFRPE

(1) Field work for data acquisition (GPS, TDR, GLS deployement and recovery)  on seabird behaviour at sea, contributing directly to objective 2.3 
(2) Modelling work on fishing vessels and seabird gps tracks, targeting a segmentation of the tracks into different behavioural modes (travelling, searching, fishing) what contributed directly to objective 2.4 (Innovative use of data and models and ecosystem scenarios) and 
(3) Getting funds and identifying a candidate for a PhD  which topic will be at the core of WP5 (e.g. objective 5.2 Selecting an innovative toolbox for tropical MSP)