Anne Lebourges-Dhaussy

Sébastien Hervé / UBO


A. Lebourges-Dhaussy is a research engineer in ecosystemic acoustics. Acoustics is a non-destructive way of observing the marine environment, allowing continuous data acquisition along a ship's path, and providing data with a vertical resolution of a few centimeters. A. Lebourges-Dhaussy focuses his work on the multifrequency and broadband acoustic approach which allows the classification of detected organisms, since this approach provides information on all the biotic components of the environment, zooplankton to predators, and may also, under certain conditions, provide information on physical structures (fronts, internal waves, ...).

It is thus possible to determine the spatial distribution of the different constituents of the ecosystem (fish, crustaceans, gelatinous, ...) and to explore the interactions with the environmental parameters. This information will be valuable as part of the research on marine spatial planning proposed in the PADDLE project.